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  1. Welcome

    This is a quick guide to using the AESGP Food Database

  2. First, you select at least one country for which you wish to view results.

  3. Then you need choose the data you wish to view for these countries via the data selection area.

  4. Use checkboxes to select categories or subcategories you wish to see.

  5. Tip:

    Light blue headers can be clicked to show and hide the content below them.

  6. Type names into text fields, these will auto-complete from our database. You can add multiple names.

  7. Once your selections have been made, click the Search button. Your results will appear below.

  8. Tip:

    Clicking the Synonym button will pop up a window where you can search for taxonomies via other common names.

  9. Our tour is complete! If you wish to view it again, just click the help button in the top right corner.